BMW Dealerships - JMK Auto Sales, Springfield, NJ - Expansion and in-place replacement of an existing BMW dealership requiring a parking deck to be constructed for 300 cars over a new service area while maintaining the sales and office components of the dealership operational. Once completed, the balance of the original building was demolished in order to construct a multilevel showroom, with sales/service and administrative offices. This project, which entered into multiple phases of construction in 2007, is probably the best representation of the abilities of our firm. This exquisitely designed, high profile project exemplifies an ability to adapt to corporate design standards within a budget, to coordinate progress and schedule and to maintain a facility as operational while under construction. The project is constructed on a dense, undersized lot which spans into two municipal lots with two property owners. We take extreme pride in the success of this endeavor.

21 Century Auto Sales - Springfield, NJ - Adaptive Reuse. Conversion of a 20,000 square foot retail center into a showroom for the sale of luxury pre-owned vehicles.

SAAB Dealership - JMK Auto Sales, Springfield, NJ - Adaptive Reuse. Conversion of a 20,000 square foot retail center into a SAAB dealerships. Designed in accordance with corporate branding and identity standards. Facilities include showrooms, sales, service areas, office and administrative functions. Professional services included full A/E services, including site planning and interior design.

In addition to these dealerships, Blase Weimer, principal of The Architects Alliance, has detailed several additional facilities while employed by other prominent architectural firms. Litwack-Schteir Architects, the predecessor to The Architects Alliance, has designed many dealerships, which are still proudly displayed in the firm portfolio, including showrooms for Hudson and DeSoto.




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