The Architects Alliance has developed an expertise in recent years in the analysis and repair of problematic building envelopes and systems. Through invasive probes or via technology based non-invasive scans, we have developed a reputation as "forensic architects". We can analyze specific building components or are capable of performing total building commissioning.

Recognized as specialists in the repair and analysis of building envelope systems, we provide our clients with a comprehensive solution that addresses the interaction of the building envelope and structure and combines the lessons of design, investigation and rehabilitation to help achieve an appropriate, durable and cost-effective repair.

Our expertise extends to all elements of the building envelope, including roofing systems, exterior walls and fenestration. We have experience with a wide variety of materials and components, including sealants, concrete and unit masonry, stone, wood, plastics, glass and metals. We can investigate and repair roofing and wall systems, glazing components, plaza decks and below grade waterproofing. We can optimize system performance, investigate moisture infiltration and thermal migration, or simply limit and minimize deterioration and physical distress. We excel at establishing the cause-and-effect relationship between performance problems and their related defects.



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